We have a 12-month manufacturer warranty on all of our Beach Showers from the date of purchase.

If you believe there to be an issue with you Beach Shower please first try these troubleshooting steps.

If after completing the troubleshooting steps, your Beach Shower is still not working correctly, you should then complete the form below.

Conditions of warranty:

  1. The first date of purchase is when the warranty period begins.
  2. Warranty periods will NOT be renewed or extended after a product is repaired or replaced.
  3. You must produce the sales receipt of the product as proof of purchase when a warranty claim is made, otherwise, Beach Soul holds no liability to replace or repair a product.
  4. Warranties are only offered to the original purchaser of the Beach Soul product. Warranties are not transferable to another party.
  5. Warranty terms only apply to products purchased directly through Beach Soul or authorised resellers.

Video submission instructions

We highly recommend uploading a video to demonstrate the issue, this will give us the best insight on how we can help.

In order for us to get a baselise understanding of what may be happening with your Beach Shower, please submit a video that shows us the following:

  • your Beach Shower tank is ¾ full of water
  • you show us how you build the initial pressure by pumping 7 to 9 times
  • you select the shower head mode with the IIII (4 lines) symbol and the most shower like output/flow
  • you give 3-5 top up pumps every 15-20 seconds to keep the water flowing at a constant rate