6 ways portable showers make mum and dad's life easier

Love bundling the fam into the car and hitting the road for a holiday? So do we! It's one of life's great pleasures.  

The quality time. The laughter. The memories you'll make along the way. Our own Beach Soul® family have made countless trips up and down the coast.  

From strike missions to Rainbow Bay to long weekends in New South Wales, we're always on the lookout for new and exciting places to explore. And one thing we've learned after all that time on the road? Portable showers make mum and dad's life a whole lot easier. 

How exactly do they do that? We're glad you asked. Here are 6 ways portable showers make life a breeze. 

You can camp wherever you want... lack of shower facilities, be damned! 

One of the biggest advantages of having a portable shower is that you can camp wherever and whenever you want without worrying about access to shower facilities.  

This means you can explore more remote locations and immerse yourself in nature without sacrificing basic hygiene needs.  

No more searching for overpriced campsites with decent showers – with a portable shower for camping, you are free to roam and camp wherever you and your kids desire. 

No more sandy, salty (or complain-y) kiddos 

Let's be honest... it doesn't matter how old you are. Having to deal with post-beach discomfort can really suck.  

The sand that gets everywhere. Clothing that sticks to your salty skin. Stiff,  dry and damaged hair.  

If only there was a way to wash it all off? Enter our Beach Showers.  

Whether you're hosing down the kids after the beach or rinsing your wetsuit post surf, these portable showers make it easy to remove pesky irritants. And with zero complaints from the little ones (or your hubby), you'll have one less thing to worry about. 

Give the family pooch the VIP treatment 

Most mums and dads aren't just looking after human kiddos... there's often a furry family member in tow too.  

And while we all love having a four-legged mate along for the ride, it's ultimately one more mouth to feed and body to clean.  

That goes double if you're on the road. With muddy campsites, weird beach smells and long days in the car, there's potential for your pooch to get a little... funky.  

So long as you’re a dog owner with a Beach Shower though, you can keep your furry friend fresh and clean throughout the entire trip.  

As a parent, this drastically reduces the amount of chaos and stress (and dog hair in the cereal bowl) you'll have to deal with. And that's a win in anyone's book. 

Dirty dishes won't know what hit them 

Picture this.  

You've just spent the whole day running around after kids while camping. Now, you're absolutely buggered. Devoid of motivation. And your last bar of energy has been spent preparing dinner for the whole clan.  

Then... it hits you.  

One peek towards the campsite sink and Mount Dirty Dishes and it’s “Oh, the horror”! Food stuck to pans. Plates covered in sauce. Forks and knives that have seen better days. 

Thankfully, our portable, pump-operated showers have you covered.  

Not only do they make cleaning up a breeze, but they can also act as an emergency backup for when the campsite facilities are out of order. Just set it up near your dirty dish tub or camp sink. Then, twist the nozzle to the desired setting and pull the trigger.  

You can quickly, easily clean all your dishes and kitchenware in no time at all. And with minimal water usage, you'll still have enough for a refreshing shower afterwards.


Leave the beach on the beach (and not in your vehicle) 

After a day at the beach, sand finds its way into everything… including your vehicle.  

By using a portable shower to rinse off sandy feet and legs before heading home, you significantly reduce the amount of sand that enters your car.  

This not only keeps your vehicle cleaner but also saves you the hassle and time of vacuuming out sand from every nook and cranny.  

Words to live by in our house: A foot-and-leg rinse a day keeps the Sahara away! 

Stay fresh during those extended trips 

Having the ability to freshen up at your convenience can significantly reduce stress levels for both mum and dad during extended road trips.  

It’s no secret that feeling clean and refreshed has a direct impact on your mood and overall well-being. With a portable shower (and the right eco-friendly soap), parents can easily maintain their personal hygiene, even in the most remote locations.  

This means that despite the day's adventures or unexpected messes, rejuvenation is always within reach.  

What's more, the simplicity of setting up and using our showers means that keeping clean doesn't add to the day's stresses but actively diminishes them -- for good water flow and good spirits that'll allow you to parent to your full potential! 

Final thoughts 

Being a wonder mum or super dad isn't easy, but hopefully our portable Beach Showers support your efforts, not make life harder.  

As parents ourselves, we've experienced firsthand the difference having a portable shower can make on family trips. And while it may seem like they're only good for rinsing sandy feet after the beach, they actually have many more practical uses… but don't just take our word for it!  

Check out our reviews page to discover the impact our showers have had on other families just like yours. 

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