Camping With Your Beach Shower / More Than Just a Portable Camp Shower

While our Beach Showers are often used by ocean lovers looking to rinse off post-beach, they're also trendy amongst punters seeking a portable camp shower for their on-the-road adventures.

We ourselves have used our Beach Shower as a portable camp shower when off-grid, but the truth is that there are almost countless other uses for a pressured source of fresh water when hitting the road.

From hosing down your kayak to tacking Mount Dirty Dishes and rinsing off dirty feet, our Beach Showers double as the perfect portable camping shower.

So whether you're vanlifing around Oz, road-tripping with the fam or finally setting off for that solo camping adventure you've always dreamed of, our Beach Showers are the perfect addition for that extra touch of luxury and convenience.

Learn more about why we believe our Beach Showers are a super practical camping shower companion.

What makes our Beach Showers great for camping?

Let's be honest - our Beach Showers aren't going to radically transform your camping adventures.

What they will do though is remove a lot of hassle from your day-to-day camping activities, thereby freeing you up to spend more time doing and hanging with the things and people you love.

Check out the features that make our Beach Showers great for camping or read up on how to choose a portable shower here.

Built tough - Sturdy construction makes it ideal for outdoor adventures

Made from tough plastic with welded seams and reinforced stress points, our Beach Showers aren't afraid of a little hard yakka.

This makes them well-suited to rough-and-tumble camping adventures where you'll inevitably encounter knocks and bumps. Trust us, the last thing you need to worry about is wrapping your Beach Shower in cotton wool. Treat it mean and keep yourself clean. Whether it's used as a portable camping shower or for washing dishes, you can trust in its ability to keep on keeping on.

Space-saving - Slim design means it never takes up much room

Worried about adding another item to the ever-growing mass of swags, cooking gear, sleeping bags and tents that are piling up in your vehicle? We get it!

Space is at a premium when it comes to packing for a camping trip, and no one wants to be lugging a bulky shower around.

That's why our Beach Showers are designed with space-saving in mind. Their slim profile when stored upright means they can be fit snuggly in a variety of spots, including the boot, between the seats or in the tray of a ute.

Better yet, it doesn't take up any more space when it's full, which means you can store your camping shower exactly where you packed it when it's topped off.

Convenient - Hands-free feature allows for easy use

Not that you would ever try, but thanks to the hands-free feature of our Beach Showers, you could actually shower outdoors AND juggle at the same time!

In all seriousness though, being able to toggle our Beach Showers for continuous water flow is a godsend.

Place it on the ground, pump the handle and wedge the showerhead in a branch or other high point. Then, rinse yourself or your kids off and enjoy the convenience and pleasure of having a camping shower in the middle of nature.

It’s gotta be one of life's simple pleasures!

Electricity-free - No batteries, power source or charging necessary

The amount of cables and charging accessories we lug around with us these days is incredible, but given the way technology has become ingrained in our daily life, it's also inevitable.

So when portable camping showers like ours come along that don't need batteries, a power source or any charging, it feels like you're going back to simpler times. Perhaps more importantly though, it means that you can take your Beach Shower anywhere, without having to worry about finding a power source.

This greatly increases the range of places that you can see and experience, which will only enrich your trip further. It also means they’re incredibly low-maintenance… so long as you remember to clean them!

Multi-nozzle shower head - Switch between nozzles for different purposes

All Beach Showers come with 10 different nozzle functions built within the shower head, which means you can switch between settings depending on what you're using the shower for.

If the kids are looking more like little Tarzan and Janes than actual members of society, then you can switch to a soft spray when it comes to shower time.

If, however, a dusty country road has meant that the campervan is looking like a 4-wheeled dirt bomb, then you can switch to jet for maximum impact.

Learn more about the different showerhead modes and their run times here.

Insulated - Leave it in the sun to enjoy warm showers

Nothing says "Glamping" like portable camping showers that allow for a hot shower when you're in the great outdoors.

It's one of those small luxuries that you can afford while on the road, and because enjoying a warm shower with our Beach Showers is so easy, it's not even a hassle! You can either fill it up with tap-temperature water and leave it in full sunlight, allowing the black plastic exterior and insulating cover to do the warming up for you.

Alternatively, you can mix hot water warmed on a camping stove with tap-temperature water for a truly hot shower - keeping in mind that the temperature shouldn't exceed 50 degrees Celsius.

How to get the most out of Beach Shower camping showers

As you can see, our Beach Showers can make your camping adventures infinitely easier. But don't forget that they're more than just a portable camping shower to use while on the road.

Your fellow Beach Soulers have come up with countless ways to use our Beach Showers to make their trips more pleasurable, so if you’re wondering why you need a Beach Shower in your life, here’s some extra inspiration!

Washing the dishes after a meal

Is that stack of dirty pots, pans, dishes and cutlery eyeing you from the camp kitchen? Don't leave it till the morning and risk having to chisel away last night's dinner.

Place your high-pressure Beach Shower next to your sink or container. Then, give it a few pumps and blast away the grime. The hands-free option allows you to really get in there, but you can also use it as needed.

For anyone who hates waking up to a pile of dirty pots, pans, dishes and cutlery, the Beach Shower is the answer.

Rinsing off the kids before bedtime

Camping is the only time when going to bed without a shower can be tolerated, but if the kids have been particularly enthusiastic about getting dirty, it's nice to know that you can still get them clean.

Simply set up a shower area downhill or at least away from your campsite and use our Beach Shower camping showers to hose them off. You can even combine a Beach Shower camping shower with our bucket/bag and changing mat, which ensures their feet stay clean and they don't track sticks, dirt or mud through the tent or camper upon hitting the hay.

Plus, don't forget that the kids are more likely to rinse off (and less likely to complain) if they’re treated to a hot shower.

Cleaning your pet's muddy paws or coat

If you thought getting the kids clean after a camping trip was tricky, try wrangling your pet and washing them without a portable camp shower.

It's like the furry version of Mission Impossible, and it can lead to an even bigger mess. With the Beach Shower though, you can easily get your pet's paws and coat clean without having to worry about them muddying up your campsite.

Hosing down equipment or camping gear after use

Kayaks, surfboards and groundsheets should all be cleaned after use if you want to extend their lifespan.

Unfortunately, pouring a bottle of water over your gear or trying to feed it under a tapped canister is not only inefficient, it's also not very effective. Instead, simply use Beach Shower camping showers to get the job done quickly and easily.

It can be used to give your groundsheets, camping chairs or any other equipment a thorough rinse-off before you pack up camp and head home, and prevent mould problems or rusting further down the track.

Removing dust or mud from your camper

Nobody will begrudge you for returning home with a dust or mud-covered camper or vehicle. It's part and parcel when you're tripping through Australia.

If you're worried about making a mess when arriving home or if you just want your vehicle to look nice and clean, the Beach Shower can help. It's powerful enough to remove mud, dirt and dust from the hardest-to-reach places without having to worry about it taking too long.

Better yet, you can easily pick it up and circle the camper or vehicle to ensure you don't miss a spot. Seriously, our camping showers have got to be one of the easiest ways to give your pride and joy a quick hose down while on the go.

Having a peaceful outdoor shower in nature

Last but certainly not least, many Beach Soul® owners love the fact you can enjoy a peaceful outdoor shower in nature without having to worry about disturbing other campers or leaving an environmental footprint.

By using the Beach Shower, you can get clean while admiring your favourite views and listening to the sounds of nature all around you - how do you spell “Total bliss”! Plus, with its adjustable settings, you can make sure our camping shower minimises water wastage and only uses what's necessary.

Because if there’s one thing we love more than spreading Beach Shower life, it’s making sure we don’t harm the environment we love so much.


So, if you're seeking a portable camp shower that won't take up too much room and is easy to use, the Beach Shower from Beach Soul® is a great option.

It's perfect for cleaning off the kids after a day of playing outdoors - or your pet if they've been particularly muddy - as well as wiping down equipment, washing away mud and dust from your camper, and even enjoying a peaceful hot shower in nature. Whatever your needs, the Beach Shower is sure to get the job done with ease.

Happy camping!

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